Part 2, Chapter 3: Preservation

During his 1864 voyage, Downs was a distinguished guest at the home of naturalist Charles Waterton. As mentioned earlier, the two ornithologists corresponded regularly and maintained a professional friendship over the years. Waterton inherited woodland which he protected as a large sanctuary for birds, enclosing the property with a nine foot stone wall. His estate … Continue reading Part 2, Chapter 3: Preservation

An Aside: Museology

As I retrace Andrew Downs’ professional development opportunities in Europe at the peak of his career, I am recalling the wildlife specimens he procured for institutions abroad. Halifax’s local papers and articles speak of Downs’  prolific distribution of Nova Scotian specimens, yet there is no mention of where. The naturalist, editor, and friend of Andrew … Continue reading An Aside: Museology

Part 2, Chapter 2: Records

I’ve visited the ZSL Archives in London and after reading through Minutes of Council and Annual Reports, I have confirmed that Andrew Downs was a Corresponding Member of the Society, elected in 1862, evidence of which is seen below: According to my research in the Nova Scotia Archives, during his 1864 overseas visit, Downs traveled … Continue reading Part 2, Chapter 2: Records